Friday, November 18, 2011

OMG I need to do better about blogging

Where to start when it comes to catching up on this blog. Being a mommy has kept me so incredibly busy. Anya has brought my life so much joy that I can't even fathom how to describe it. Anya is just shy of 7 months old and it feels like just yesterday that we were holding her at the hospital waiting to take her home.  After months of dealing with the social worker from HELL we were able to get the paperwork done (mostly thanks to the agency) and finalized our adoption on our 5 year anniversary, November 4th.
We had to go all the way to Houston to finalized but we made the most of the trip. We went to the "aquarium".

After we finalized the adoption we headed back home. We were all so happy to be home. We bought Anya a kitty, something small that will grow up with her. And boy is Tiger a handful.
On Sunday, November 13th we were able to bless Anya in church. Aaron got so emotional he choked up to the point that I couldn't understand him, but I was told that it was beautiful.

We also have gotten professional photos done two more times since her newborn photos. We did ones set before we went to Houston.................

................then ones after she became a true legal Golson.

Tomorrow we are having her Finalization Party. We are having friends from the neighborhood, church and work over for a potluck BBQ. It should be fun.
Anya has officially started to crawl, but she knows what the camera is for so every time that I get it out to record her crawling she stops and poses. Here soon I will get it on tape. She loves her bungee chair, she loves to go bouncy She has great coordination. She can even pull herself up to stand as of yesterday. She is just an overall happy baby and she makes us happy.

 Anya also loves animal cookies and saltine crackers.

Anya is just so playful. She can also stand very well.

Anya loves her daddy.

Anya and Tiger

More to come

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