Thursday, April 28, 2011

One crazy week

I'm a mommy!

On Good Friday, my hubby and I were working in the yard planting roses. Then the phone rang. A baby girl had been born that morning in our city and the birth parents wanted to give her up for a closed adoption.
We went to the hospital and met our daughter for the first time. it was truly love at first sight. We were there for a few hours and then went late night shopping for Anya.
We already had a BBQ scheduled for Saturday for Aaron's soldiers. So we broke the news to everyone. Everyone was so excited and supportive. Once everyone left to go back to their homes, we them got cleaned up and dressed and on our way to the hospital to see Anya. I was going on no sleep since the stress of the possibility of the change of heart phone call was constantly going through my head. But just holding my baby girl was worth everything.
Sunday came and my heart was in my throat. Hoping and praying that everything would go alright. It took hours for the hospital finally get everything ready, but she finally was able to come home.
Aaron had to leave just hours later for the following week and a half. So I am doing everything on my own right now. I am blessed enough to have the support of family, though they are too far away to do much. I have wonderfulmpeople at church that have been bringing me dinner every night to reduce my stress.
I'm getting very little sleep, but it's worth it. Speaking of which, my daughter is crying right now. Better change her diaper. Will update later.

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  1. Sarah, I am so happy for you. The first few weeks are rough but you'll get into a rhythm soon enough. Try to nap when Anya naps if you can. But most importantly, enjoy every moment. You deserve it. Many blessings on your beautiful family.